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  1. Multerra is an online play-by-post (PbP) roleplaying game with crossover elements. It’s an RPG where you write solo or cooperative stories, and your character gains various points/currencies that you’ll use to further develop them. Both original and canon characters from ANY fictional source are allowed. Multerra is a unique setting that consists of a collection of eight worlds observed and influenced by the mysterious Arbiters. You’ll find all sorts of bizarre places to explore, each with unique settings and civilizations. If you like the allure of the cosmos, you can buy a ship and take to the void of space, all while pursuing the mysteries of Multerra. Through it all, you -- the writers -- will be able to help develop and decorate the various worlds. Just remember that every journey has an end. How will your character’s journey end? Death? The Hall of Legends? We look forward to the end of their story. Here in Multerra, all characters will have Profiles that detail their appearance, history, behavior, Abilities, and all you could ever help to learn about them. Writing gains you Essence, which can be used to further enhance your character by adding Abilities or Master Skills. Completing Quests or even unlocking other rewards will earn you ‘Coin’, which can be used to purchase a whole horde of goodies like powerful consumable items, bases, ships, and minions! If you are interested in learning more about Multerra, visit our website today at https://multerra.zulenka.com/, instructions for how to join can be found under the Rules tab on the main page. And if you’re unsure about something related to joining, don’t be afraid to visit our Discord to ask questions! ==> https://discord.gg/AgNGmmn
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