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  1. We are about to introduce some major Feature to the Community Focussing more on Page load speed Making the site more user friendly adding some clan features adding some official memberships that members will be 100% dedicated to Fierce
  2. We have upgraded the site YouTuber Spotlight New Community Supporters New Member Battles New Screenshot Warz Remember, it is totally free to sign up, free to use our Features set for member activeness, and the we are a OPEN & PUBLIC GAMING COMMUNITY! We will be here no matter how many Gaming Communities come to life, we will not stop, and no matter the challenge, Fierce Gaming Network will rise to the challenge, mastermind it, and will never back down
  3. We just improved the view for visitors and members added more game groups/forums to better interact with others! we have member spotlight with a featured section for the ones that are most active!
  4. Hope everyone is having a awesome day!!

  5. To the Owners of this Website:

    Thank you for making this and allowing us to post our Communities 

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  7. Fierce Gaming Network is a Powerful and Supportive Multi-Platform Website Gaming Community that Strives on bringing Gamers & Content Creators together in one place regardless of Race, Religion, or Sexual Orientation.