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  1. Roleplay Architects is a chilled out place dedicated to simply providing a platform for you to roleplay on. Not sure what roleplay is? It's not kinky! It's just a group of people writing collaboratively exclusively from their own character's perspective. Features of RP-Architects Worlds! When you create a world, you are essentially creating a forum within a forum. They can be set up as open worlds (anyone can join), closed (you must be invited to join) and private (no one can see it.) If your world is closed, you're able to create an application, just as you might for your very own forum. No judgment. No pressure. There is no universal word count and no pressure for you to RP with everyone and anyone. Just do what you enjoy, without the guilt. Afterall, this is a hobby. The Character Mod. The character mod means that you only create one account, and then can create a variety of 'masks' that work exactly like regular accounts. No more re-registering just to create a new character, just click new character! So, what can I RP? Anything! Original or Fandom, this platform is about you indulging with your hankerings. But who do I RP with? Whilst our current members would love to RP with you, I do strongly recommend bringing a friend with you. This will guarantee that you will have an RP that you find engaging whilst still getting to meet new people. If you just don't gel with anyone else? No problems! You are more than welcome to RP solely with your friend. If I create a world, can I set my own rules? Yes! You can have an activity requirement and a word count. So long as your rules do not contradict RP-A's, you're good to go. Really, I can RP anything? Nearly! We do not cater to people who want to focus on smut or erotic RP, or violent content. Whilst you can write erotic and violent content, this should not be the focus. Check our guidelines for more information! We hope that you will consider us for your chilled out RP needs.
    I've been an active member on this site for going on 2 years. The Initiative's robust range of resources has proven invaluable for me as both a roleplayer and as a site administrator. Furthermore, it is a site where a diverse range of opinions are encouraged and people are able to disagree and challenge each other in a civil and helpful manner.

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