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  1. New Site! Site Staff Positions Available! Site Link: https://demigodsandmonsters.invisionzone.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/cmauK7X Demigods and Monsters is an 18+, play-by-post forum-based roleplaying site set in the world of Percy Jackson created by Rick Riordan. As a writer you can create your own halfblood camper, go on quests, participate in capture the flag, and become a hero! The current plot being planned will involve a war between the gods, and the camp being forced into involvement. It will pit friend against friend, as one deity seeks revenge against another. Can the demigods come together to convince the gods to set aside their differences? Or will Camp Halfblood find itself falling to ruin? Your characters will shape the outcome! While knowing about the world is great and will help, it’s not required. So if you’re unfamiliar with the series, but want to play a demigod, feel free to join in the fun! One of our more experienced campers will happily guide you and explain the “need to know” information. Future Site Plans: After the current plot, and once we’ve expanded our member base, we plan to start expanding by adding Camp Jupiter as well as Norse Mythology, Mayan Mythology, and Hindu Mythology, and more! Additionally we have 2 more plots planned out! We also have our next plot currently in planning. So we’ll have a lot to do for a very long time!

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