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  1. ABOUT: By Tooth And Claw Dragons, or BTACD, is a very well established, sixteen year old role-play forum in the high original fantasy genre. Located on Jcink, we are rated 3/1/3 and love creative freedom! We have all original lore, from various in-depth worlds to almost eighty species, and offer an immersive universe with endless options for players to make and do. All of our official art is also custom, pieces either commissioned or done directly by site staff. =D Freedom within the established lore is the major thing on BTACD, and we will work with you to do almost any idea or concept within the vast confines of our lore. If there is a species or subspecies, location, or any other facet of lore you think is missing, suggest it! Member content is encouraged and added all the time, and BTACD is ever-growing. With our focus on freedom, you can make nearly anything: from a big red dragon that breathes ice, or an antisocial demon with a tendency to distort reality, to perhaps a trinket-stealing gremlin with a gift of wind spells - anything is possible. On the first of every month, we have new content releases - new species, subspecies, legends, art, large lore projects and small. Sometimes, we may do regular forum updates throughout the month, such as new subforums, new important threads, new skins, etc. Always something to look forward to! Our current plot is two-part; the humanoid Faction of Hope that seeks to drive dragons out of the Realms and take them for themselves, and the snakekind led by an enigmatic beast named Orochi, who seems to be connected to a mysterious prophecy. The to-be-King has been slain, and the Free Peoples of Vystriana struggle to fight the ever-growing threat of the Faction and its serpent allies. NEWS: Welcome to the new month! We have a brand new, super neat magical location for you guys - located in Yosa Kyakih, Lizzarkyth is the Isle of Mist! A mist-shrouded island-city that long ago served the Order of Mages, now reduced to rubble and crumbling walls. However, mages still take refuge in its ruins, hiding behind the spell-mist and the many protective magics wreathed in its bones... Kurai's religion has been fleshed out! Check out our four demonic faiths: Kensh no Chitsujo (the religion of Death), Raion no Khumyr (the religion of Famine), Hoku no Shinja (the religion of Pestilence), and Abr'nil no Shinko (the religion of War)! The zirus have not one, but two brand new subspecies! Check out the krastaeja zirus - a new crustacean-based aquatic breed - and the Kuraian zirus, based on our demon Kingdoms! Last but not least, we've had two species reduxes this month - the orc and the werewolf! We're super excited for these, as they have been around almost as long as BTACD has and the info was really showin' its age. That, and we're coming up on the end of our species redux project, and will be done completely in another few months! WHOOT! PLOT: A timeskip has taken place in the Realms! Check the above link for more information! The imbalance of Kurai and Felnova have become immense; the earthquakes never cease, and the energy storms run rampant. The Faction of Hope is falling apart at the seams as the two worlds spin towards destruction. As the free races seek to save their Realms, the war is coming to a head - but to what end?
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