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  1. ABOUT: By Tooth And Claw Dragons, or BTACD, is a very well established, fifteen year old role-play forum in the high original fantasy genre. Located on Jcink, we are rated 3/1/3 and love creative freedom! We have all original lore, from various in-depth worlds to almost eighty species, and offer an immersive universe with endless options for players to make and do. All of our official art is also custom, pieces either commissioned or done directly by site staff. =D Freedom within the established lore is the major thing on BTACD, and we will work with you to do almost any idea or concept within the vast confines of our lore. If there is a species or subspecies, location, or any other facet of lore you think is missing, suggest it! Member content is encouraged and added all the time, and BTACD is ever-growing. With our focus on freedom, you can make nearly anything: from a big red dragon that breathes ice, or an antisocial demon with a tendency to distort reality, to perhaps a trinket-stealing gremlin with a gift of wind spells - anything is possible. On the first of every month, we have new content releases - new species, subspecies, legends, art, large lore projects and small. Sometimes, we may do regular forum updates throughout the month, such as new subforums, new important threads, new skins, etc. Always something to look forward to! Our current plot is two-part; the humanoid Faction of Hope that seeks to drive dragons out of the Realms and take them for themselves, and the snakekind led by an enigmatic beast named Orochi, who seems to be connected to a mysterious prophecy. The to-be-King has been slain, and the Free Peoples of Vystriana struggle to fight the ever-growing threat of the Faction and its serpent allies. NEWS: This lore release just kept growing - and now it's in full bloom! First, we are proud to bring you two brand new species: the shimmering, ethereal yiboril and the adventurous (and sometimes adorable) reguli! The yiboril are a race of spiritual creatures that can transform from unbound and bound forms at will, and are held together by partial Soulgems called phylacteries. The reguli are a species of highly variable rodent-people found all across the Realms. Next, just in time for snowy December, we've released the orc subspecies of yeti! These fuzzy dudes roam in arctic regions and live in clans that are only slightly less destructive than their orc cousins. A new city appears, as well! Welcome the marvelously run-down and half destroyed city of Apsinth in the Darklands of Millirand - and all of its various intricacies that the poor citizens require to survive. In our ongoing species revamp project, we have now completed the dwarf and siren at last! The dwarves come with seven complete and varied clans, while the siren have been split into two distinct types. Two other revamps of different kinds have been put into play, as well! This was announced a few months ago (but was finally completed tonight): our Realms pages are all finally recoded, like the species pages, to match the rest of the website! They are all completely mobile friendly, and shiny to boot. 😎 Next, we overhauled our side-Realms system and put a little more lore into them, and revamped the way we approach them - now they should make a lot more sense, and be more fun to play in! Keep watch on those in the future, as well - more side-Realms may be added! Last but not least, new forum features! Now, each month, we will feature a country/area in a spotlight - and making threads in the subforum that corresponds with this area will net you extra prizes! Take a look here. We now also have a thread roulette feature - a two-part thread that pairs members up to plot together, or pairs members with existing open threads! Have fun!