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  1. To provide a community for the people of Hawaii to chat about firearms and to promote Second Amendment rights throughout the State.
  2. Woody's Campfire Talk of Georgia Outdoor News Forums, hereinafter The Forum, is a private Forum. Membership in the Forum is a privilege granted solely and exclusively by the Forum. Privileges may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of the Forum and without notice.
  3. Georgia gun owners and outdoor enthusiasts. The number of users we reach every month just in Georgia is over 100,000 and growing
  4. Here on GeorgiaPacking.org you can find: An up to date list of pro and anti gun Bills in the Georgia General Assembly Georgia Gun Laws in plain English including Deadly Force and Stand Your Ground Georgia Attorney General Firearm Related UnOfficial Opinions Firearm Caselaw from the Appellate and Supreme Courts of Georgia. Weapons Related Georgia Code Probate Court contact information for all 159 Georgia Counties with a growing list of the actual firearm license process for each county; also accessible through the dropdown box on the left of the menubar at the top of every page A Firearm Discussion forum to talk about News, Guns, Bills, Laws, Concealed Carry, and the Georgia Weapons License Places Off Limits to weapons even if you have a Weapons License License Renewal Guide explaining the changes to the renewal process that went into effect 7-1-14 I hope you find what you need and if you have any suggestions on how I can make this site better you can email me by clicking on the Email Me link found at the bottom of every page. If you liked the site and found it helpful, spread the word. Thank you, Georgiapacking.org
  5. Welcome to the new Colorado Outdoor Sports forum. I can't wait to hunt with all the members and make some new friends! P.S. Teach me how to duck hunt!
  6. Concealed Carry Course (Start time for Registered Students is 0800 Saturday at the store) Summary This 2 day concealed carry course covers the 12-hour requirement by the State of Alaska. It concentrates on the laws of Alaska and understanding the legal systems and the areas where the permit holder can and cannot carry the firearm. There is a review of basic marksmanship skills and the proper application when firing a handgun, in addition to the functionality of the double action revolver and the semi-auto pistol systems. The course will cover the defensive and tactical applications along with the mental conditioning, handling and operational skills needed to manipulate the weapons system. Also covered are the material on less lethal force and the liabilities. At the end of the course there will be a written test with 25 Q&A with both true/false and multiple choice and a live fire qualification the following day. Qualification The qualification is a 36 round drill. Starting from the 3 yard line, the 7 yard line and 15 yard line distances. There is a total possible score of 360 points with a passing score being a minimum of 252 points (70%) and higher. Requirements -Good attitude. -Completed Application for Training. -Minimum of 21 years of age. -Minimum Caliber for OUR classes- 9MM semi-auto or .38 special revolver. -NO sub-compact semi-auto handguns or revolvers. Full-size is recommended* -Hip-holster/magazine pouch/magazines or speed reloaders and sturdy belt. -Nominal 150 rounds of ammo. -Appropriate clothing. -Ball cap, closed toe footwear, etc. -Safety glasses & hearing protection. (Available upon request.) *Handgun rentals available. -Handgun rental fee is $30.00 a day-Must use Alaska Tactical ammunition if renting a firearm-Cost of ammunition is not included in handgun rental fee
  7. The S.D.S. C.C.W. Level I Course(ammo and range fees not included in course fees) $250.00 The SDS CCW Level I Course is designed for persons who possess an Alabama concealed carry license or permit. This CCW course introduces the student to reliable safe methods of carrying a concealed handgun for personal protection. The SDS CCW course will cover the following topics and firearm training drills. Alabama laws regarding carrying a concealed handgun in public, private, commercial places. Type of holsters, purses and other concealment devises that are user friendly for the concealed carry. Clothing options for men and women for concealed carry. Methods of accessing the handgun from concealment quickly. Close quarters drills from concealment Student will shoot from a variety of challenging positions Concealment issues inside of a vehicle Methods of target engagement while moving Concealment and Cover issues CCW Level I Combination Course Outline SDS Concealed Carry Concepts and Practical Applications and Live fire range sessions-6.0 hours. Range session only. Gear requirements Concealment holster ( no Blackhawk Serpia, shoulder rigs or cross draw allowed) Spare magazine holster or speed loader holster Concealment garments, 1 pullover type 1 vest or open jacket style 250 to 300 rounds of ammunition Firearm (rentals available) Pre-qualifier may be required, for student who have not had a formal Basic Handgun training course from the NRA or SDS.
  8. Florida Outdoors Hunting & Fishing Forums - FOHAF.COM Where the REAL sportsman "Talk the talk & Walk the walk"
  9. know of at least two others I've participated in, and there are probably more I haven't heard of. This one is new, and was started in response to the rapid mass-acquisition of forums by a foreign company. FloridaSheepdogs.com will remain independent and non-commercial. Some of the best forums I've participated in have been totally private without a penny of ad revenue, which can help keep the atmosphere more relaxed. I hope this one follows that path. This is owned by me, in Jacksonville, Florida, and hosted by a professional company I've worked with for 9 years, located in Mt. Airy, NC, the fictional Mayberry of Andy Griffith fame. Or, in the words of some of my ex-pat friends in Nicaragua, "We're all here because we're not all there."
  10. Florida Shooters Network Hang out with the best shooters in the state. Welcome to Florida Shooters Network!
  11. Florida Concealed Carry Forum
  12. Florida Gun Forum
  13. Delaware Firearms Forum Delaware's premier gun and shooting sports discussion forum
  14. fixer


    Delaware Open Carry is a group of law-abiding citizens who live in Delaware and have taken upon themselves the responsibility of peaceably carrying a firearm in order to protect our loved ones. We are your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends and the people you pass as you push your cart down the aisle of the grocery store. Many of us have grown up hunting from a young age, while several are fairly new to firearms. We are, in fact, a very diverse group consisting of parents, business persons, computer programmers, college students and medical professionals; what we do have in common is a grave understanding that our choice is not one lightly made. We are constantly aware of our surroundings and have made our best efforts to be as knowledgeable as we can about our firearm and how it operates. Make no mistake, there is not one person amongst us who ever wants to have to draw our firearm, much less use it in self-defense; however, our right to carry, guaranteed by the Delaware Constitution, is a freedom we've chosen to exercise and encourage others to explore, for there is no freedom greater than the one that allows us to protect our lives and the lives of those we love.
  15. fixer


    The Delaware Concealed Carry forums have grown tremendously and we thank all of you for your support and being committed to concealed carry in Delaware.
  16. Connecticut Hunting & Shooting Forums
  17. The CT Shooting website was created with the intention of becoming a central resource for shooting related information local to Connecticut. It is meant to include topics you find important and we will continue to bring this information to you as it arrives.If you have any suggestions for improving or adding to the website, please submit feedback. Also, as a registered member, you may submit news topics and participate in our forum.Basic RulesNo political or religious discussions are allowed, regardless of whether or not someone believes the topic is firearm related. There are other venues available for those subjects.Maintain respect for the individual. Name calling or "flaming" will not be tolerated. Feel free to disagree; but, be polite.No profanity. Let's make this place (and consequently the shooting sports) welcoming to juniors and their parents.Remain positive: setting a positive mental attitude is essential to growth and being negative can drag everyone down.DO Encourage Others: share what you know.ASK Questions: it is the only way to learn.Have fun with your shooting. If not, why are you here?
  18. Connecticut Gun Talk Forum
  19. Created by avid outdoorsmen to provide information to other outdoorsmen and women. The information we intend to provide is our reviews of products, outfitters, tips and tricks, public hunting areas, along with a host of other information. We believe by providing this information we can influence your experience and success in the field, along with providing valuable information back to manufactures about their field tested products.Manufactures will have our staff and participants of ColoradoWaterfowl.com participate in field tests of their products. In return we will provide the manufactures with the full reviews of the products tested. Manufactures with products that pass our field test will be provided also with our official seal of approval. This lets viewers of our site know that they can buy this product with confidence.We will be reviewing outfitters and guides to give you that honest third party experience. We will be reviewing a diverse mix from waterfowl, fishing and big game. This can be very helpful for the out of state enthusiast looking for that quality experience along with the local enthusiast looking to gain knowledge from a professional.Staff members and participants will pass along tips and tricks they use in the field to get the job done. They will also share information on public land hunting across the United States.We hope you enjoy our site and benefit from the information. Be safe in the field and pass on our heritage to the youth of America.
  20. Colorado Gun Owners is an online community for everyone. From the novice to the long time enthusiast, all are welcome here
  21. Southern California Hunting Forum
  22. California Predators Club
  23. California gun discussion, Discuss guns with other California gun owners. ... more intimate setting. Discussions are private, and are not to leave these forums.
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