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The Ohio Outdoors


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When we created this forum, we did so with the idea in mind that there was a large group of quality individuals (and forum regulars) out there that wanted, and needed a better place to get their forum fix. Simply put, this forum was created for the exchange of quality information amongst quality individuals. In order to avoid the nonsense that drove a few of us away from our former haunts, we will do our best to keep this forum free of excessive advertisements, trolls, and other unwanted nonsense. There will a few advertisements that will appear at the top of the forum. However, those ads will be limited to the companies that assist TOO. But I give you my word that things will not get out of hand with the ads as I believe we are all on the same page when it comes to excessive advertisements on forums. As far as rules are concerned, there really are no set rules around here. I’ll ask that we save the majority of the shenanigans and foul language for the “Over 21” forum, but we are not going to hand out infractions for using a few curse words or having a good time outside the “Over 21” forum. We are all adults here and I think we can handle both the responsibility of being “appropriate”, and the responsibility of reading a few bad words in a post, or seeing a scantily clad female, without overreacting to either scenario. If foul language or half-naked women offend you, then this will not be the place for you because both are bound to happen with this crew! When it comes to “troll management” on The Ohio Outdoors, we will listen to our constituency. If you rub the majority of the membership the wrong way, you’ll be asked publically to get with the program or get lost. If you continue to be an annoyance, you’ll be shown the door. We will not allow one member to disrupt the flow of things on The Ohio Outdoors. We are working hard to get this forum built to our satisfaction. Neither Joe nor I claim to be forum experts; nor will we do everything right the first time. If you have questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, please bring those to our attention and we’ll do our best to address those in a timely manner. The “Over 21” forum and the “Mentors” forum are both in the works, as is a more complete list of sub-forums. Slowly but surely, we will build this forum into the virtual deer camp we’ve all been waiting for!Thanks again for joining us here on The Ohio Outdoors!!!

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