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OH Gun Owners


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Ohio Gun Owners continues to draw in gun owners from all over Ohio. From passionate defenders of the second amendment, to the casual hobbyist OHGO is growing to be a place where everyone comes together. We get new members everyday and are rapidly approaching over 3,000 members

Now is your chance to become part of the staff at OHGO and help us continue to grow so we can make sure all Ohioans have a safe place to buy, sell and trade firearms as well as interact with other members.

Some of your responsibilities as the first ever site staff will be:

Moderating the community to ensure rules are being followed.

Helping promote OHGO content by sharing it.

Help new members operate the site.

Ensure content is posted in the correct forums.

Generate new content for members to discuss in the community.

As usual these jobs are volunteer jobs and you can do it in your spare time. Dedicate 1 hour a week, or 100, whatever you feel comfortable with. The only requirement is that you have at least 10 posts already in the community. These positions are non-paid spots, but you will get access to a super secret section of the forums if one exists. 

I hope together we can continue to build OHGO and make it a success!

If you're interested you can leave a comment, or just send me a message!

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