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The Alaska outdoors offers a true wilderness experience unlike any other place. With over a dozen mountain ranges, over 365,000 miles of rivers, vastly divergent ecosystems, huge expanses of boreal forest, millions of acres of virgin coastal rainforest, and mile upon mile of tundra and thousands of miles of coastline, the stage is set for all kinds of outdoor adventures. Alaska fishing is legendary, whether you're talking about king salmon fishing, coho salmon fishing or angling for any of Alaska's other salmon, the Alaska angler is in for the experience of a lifetime. Rainbow trout fishing is second to none, and grayling fishing or lake trout fishing is excellent. Alaska hunting is storied the world over, with excellent opportunities for moose hunting, brown bear hunting, Dall sheep hunting, caribou hunting, Sitka blacktail deer hunting, mountain goat hunting and much, much more. The Alaska Outdoor Supersite is your gateway to the Alaska wilderness.

The purpose of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite is to provide the best, most current information on the Alaska outdoors. We've been doing this since 1996, and have a loyal following numbering in the tens of thousands of members. Our 160,000-plus pages include information on Alaska fishing and hunting and many other outdoor activities, many of which are accessible from our Activities Pages. Our Gear Pages cover everything you need for anything from a day float on the Kenai River, to a multi-day expedition in the Arctic. If you're interested in a specific location, click the "Places" link. Don't forget to visit our book and DVD store, where you'll find the largest dedicated collection of books and video titles on the Alaska outdoors. And by all means visit our over eighty forumswhere you can interact directly with Alaskans and others who are experienced in the Alaska outdoors. Welcome!

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