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Alaska Tactical and Security


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Concealed Carry Course

(Start time for Registered Students is 0800 Saturday at the store)


This 2 day concealed carry course covers the 12-hour requirement by the State of Alaska. It concentrates on the laws of Alaska and understanding the legal systems and the areas where the permit holder can and cannot carry the firearm. There is a review of basic marksmanship skills and the proper application when firing a handgun, in addition to the functionality of the double action revolver and the semi-auto pistol systems.

The course will cover the defensive and tactical applications along with the mental conditioning, handling and operational skills needed to manipulate the weapons system. Also covered are the material on less lethal force and the liabilities. At the end of the course there will be a written test with 25 Q&A with both true/false and multiple choice and a live fire qualification the following day.


The qualification is a 36 round drill. Starting from the 3 yard line, the 7 yard line and 15 yard line distances. There is a total possible score of 360 points with a passing score being a minimum of 252 points (70%) and higher.


-Good attitude.

-Completed Application for Training.

-Minimum of 21 years of age.

-Minimum Caliber for OUR classes- 9MM semi-auto or .38 special revolver.

-NO sub-compact semi-auto handguns or revolvers. Full-size is recommended*

-Hip-holster/magazine pouch/magazines or speed reloaders and sturdy belt.

-Nominal 150 rounds of ammo.

-Appropriate clothing.

-Ball cap, closed toe footwear, etc.

-Safety glasses & hearing protection. (Available upon request.)


*Handgun rentals available.

-Handgun rental fee is $30.00 a day-Must use Alaska Tactical ammunition if renting a firearm-Cost of ammunition is not included in handgun rental fee

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