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Enjoy games, right? The type doesn't matter, what matters is the place to share your experiences. Here's your chance!

Plasma Gaming's a gaming community like no other!


Fun and Safe Community!

Our community is fully moderated to keep everyone safe while still allowing everyone to enjoy themselves!

Active Staff & Members!

We have over 900 members who are around to help you and talk to you! Come and join us in a game or organise a game to play with us!

Support Team!

If you have any issues with your account or your experience on Plasma Gaming, you can contact us and we'll help you enjoy Plasma to the max!

Giveaways and Events

 We have giveaways and events to keep everyone in the community entertained! Trivia, Hangman etc, you opt-in to the channels you wish to game in! Join Plasma Gaming today!


We use Discord as our forum software:


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