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In general, we just ask that you keep it friendly and courteous when you use the site. We try to have as open a set of rules as possible considering the size and scope of our member base. If you don’t take anything here too seriously and treat others with a little bit of respect you could probably stop reading the rules now and be fine. Everyone else, please read on! :D

Please remember that above all else this site is a forum that is meant to be fun and useful. We are not a porn site, we are not a political debate site, we are not a religious site, and we don’t want to spend a lot of time moderating and debating those topics. We have private sections of the site for those who like to debate hot topics, discuss bible verses, etc., but we aren’t going to spend a lot of time making sure everything in there is always 100% “fair,” so please use those forums at your own risk. You can see the list of private forums in your settings under “Join User Groups.”

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