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By Tooth And Claw Dragons


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By Tooth And Claw Dragons, or BTACD, is a very well established, fifteen year old role-play forum in the high original fantasy genre. Located on Jcink, we are rated 3/1/3 and love creative freedom! We have all original lore, from various in-depth worlds to almost eighty species, and offer an immersive universe with endless options for players to make and do. All of our official art is also custom, pieces either commissioned or done directly by site staff. =D

Freedom within the established lore is the major thing on BTACD, and we will work with you to do almost any idea or concept within the vast confines of our lore. If there is a species or subspecies, location, or any other facet of lore you think is missing, suggest it! Member content is encouraged and added all the time, and BTACD is ever-growing. With our focus on freedom, you can make nearly anything: from a big red dragon that breathes ice, or an antisocial demon with a tendency to distort reality, to perhaps a trinket-stealing gremlin with a gift of wind spells - anything is possible.

On the first of every month, we have new content releases - new species, subspecies, legends, art, large lore projects and small. Sometimes, we may do regular forum updates throughout the month, such as new subforums, new important threads, new skins, etc. Always something to look forward to!

Our current plot is two-part; the humanoid Faction of Hope that seeks to drive dragons out of the Realms and take them for themselves, and the snakekind led by an enigmatic beast named Orochi, who seems to be connected to a mysterious prophecy. The to-be-King has been slain, and the Free Peoples of Vystriana struggle to fight the ever-growing threat of the Faction and its serpent allies.


Welcome to February, BTACD and friends!

We have a brand new custom species and a couple of reduxes for you all this month! Please welcome the se'athkyn, our newest addition to the playable races! The se'athkyn are a native people to Xaeri, and are divided into five distinct tribes that follow a hunter-gatherer way of life. Each tribe has a totem animal, and not only have distinct ways of life, but appearances as well! The most unique thing about the se'athkyn, however, is that they have the ability to manipulate their own bones at will. They can make anything from protruding spike-weapons from an arm, plated boots, shields, trinkets and more - though the process can be quite painful!

Alongside the se'athkyn come a subspecies called the myskari; these warrior women branched off from the main tribes centuries ago, and have founded a unique way of life. Their tribe is a matriarchal society that often mixes metal with bonecrafting to create stronger than usual weapons and armor. Don't mess with these ladies!

To go along with the release of the se'athkyn, our xeriin species has been updated! We have fleshed out and refined the Kin types: each Kin's appearance details, their culture, and their abilities have all been heavily fleshed out and polished.

Last but not least, our elementals have had a complete overhaul! Now, each type is fleshed out in full, and the differences between the variants' various communities is described in detail. :D


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