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About SouthDakotaHunting.com

It is my hope that through the efforts of this website, and through the stories, photos and articles shared by hunters from all across the state, that others will learn about the joys we South Dakotan's take for granted every day.

A little about me....

I grew up in South Dakota - enjoying the abundance of hunting on the family ranch near Faith, SD. Whether involved in a high speed chase for antelope, tracking down a monster whitetail, sneaking up on a wiry jackrabbit or reeling in a combative walleye out on the river - each year held a variety of outdoor sporting adventures.

Having developed a love of the outdoors, I honed my shooting skills during the 5 years I spent in the military crawling around the jungles of the eastern pacific. Spending many years abroad, I was awe’d by the realization that much of the joys that I took for granted as a youth were not the common hunting experiences held by other hunters.

Now an adult living with my wife and family in Spearfish SD, I am an avid hunter and sportsman and enjoy getting out in the field hunting and fishing all over the state of South Dakota.

My love of the outdoors and especially hunting within South Dakota is what sparked the desire to create SouthDakotaHunting.com - an online community where hunters could gather, tell stories, swap pictures and help other hunters in their quest for the hunt of a lifetime.

I knew that once others learned what it was like to hunt in South Dakota - and heard first-had from people that have done it….they wouldn't want to hunt anywhere else!

Contact Us for more information about how you can partner with South Dakota Hunting.

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