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  2. I want to know if hiring the ghostwriters for writing a personal memoir a wise decision or not? My sister wants her memoir to be written in the good quality and she wants to get it published soon, so she has decided to take the personal memoir ghostwriting services from a professional personal memoir ghostwriter. I personally don’t think that it is a safe decision, but I’m looking for reviews from other people as well, who has ay experience of hiring ghostwriters. Can someone kindly share their experience, and also let me know if it is a good decision to hire ghostwriter? Source: https://memoirghostwriter.net/
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  4. We are a community for fantasy writers at all stages in their writing journey. Our community centers primarily around the forums for discussion of the fantasy writing we all enjoy, our Library for members to share their fiction, member-generated writing resources, and our Discord server for faster paced discussion of writing (and of life in general). If you enjoy writing fantasy, please consider making us an online home!
  5. Christforums is a Protestant Christian forum, open to Bible- believing Christians such as Presbyterians, Lutherans, Reformed, Baptists, Church of Christ members, Pentecostals, Anglicans. Methodists, Charismatics, or any other conservative, Nicene- derived Christian Church. We do not solicit cultists of any kind, including Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Eastern Lightning, Falun Gong, Unification Church, Aum Shinrikyo, Christian Scientists or any other non-Nicene, non-Biblical heresy.
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    Tacoma3G.com is a community for 2016-2019 (3rd generation) Tacoma owners. We have build threads, tutorials, product reviews, discount codes, and even plan occasional wheeling trips.
  7. AnthrxMilkshake


    TerraformMI99 is a unique sci-fi roleplay environment in which you make all the choices for the world, the colony, and the development! When Earth becomes dangerously over-populated, and resources are so depleted that pockets of our world are simply unliveable, the ones to come to our aid are the conglomerate corporations we have come to rely on for everyday products and day to day life. One hundred and fifty colonists have been sent from earth with no heirarchy, no true structure, and only a vague idea of what they’re walking into, not to mention the promise of the first clear sky and natural plants and animals any of them have seen in their entire life. With only a hub, finite resources, and an entire planet five times the size of earth to explore, it’s up to the players and characters to find new locations, add them to the RP, and build the colony. What will be first? Where will you go? How many are going to survive being the first to step foot on Aeon-753c?
  8. zoldos

    Schism Cortex

    Discover intelligent debate, insane jibber and everything in between. Find a variety of members as we discuss different interesting topics. Completely free and no need for an ad blocker, there are no ads!
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    Will the Gods decide your fate Or will you decide your own destiny Aeipathy is an intermediate-to-advanced roleplaying game set in ancient times with three culturally-diverse kingdoms in play, with plans for expansion. From the poorest of slaves to the most powerful of kings, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our historical society and unique lore. We have plots for everyone, including dramatic stories of forbidden love familial strife political intrigue and everything in between. Aeipathy is home to an active and enthusiastic community of supportive and inclusive creators and we welcome you to our writing home.
  10. Estorica


    [ HOME // FORUM // NEWSLETTER // DISCORD ] ESTORICA Estorica is an original medieval fantasy roleplay built for players that want to have creative freedom in a structured setting. It is a roleplay where you can be anything and do anything so long as your level of understanding and attention to detail to the structured setting permit it. The structured setting is otherwise known as “The world of Malice” is extremely malleable and flexible in its concepts, so much so that its full potential has not been reached in terms of possibility. The roleplay itself is slow burning, not fast-paced but built in a way that allows solid foundation and satisfying stories so long as the players behind them are dedicated to their craft. People join Estorica because they want an open form of cooperative storytelling without limitations such as character race, and abilities or the lack of opportunity to start new concepts and ideas. Estorica does this with its unique character creation process and its open and loose lore that manages to tell complex and intricate stories without hindering other players. PLOT Malice is all we have ever known. The predators and prey mentality shaping the people of Malice since the day the gods created us. It has ensured the existence of Malice for nine whole eras. The motivations of its people, opportunistic and real but often incredibly and unapologetically selfish. Rulers have risen, fallen, and been resurrected. Democracy has been seen in many forms but only one true order exist and has remained constant in all of these forms. The Cycle of Malice never ends, our mother continues it with every breath… the first words all orphans hear driving them to do whatever it takes to fulfill her wish. It echoes from orphan to orphan acting as the blood of reality… “Live” Advertise with us Follow us on Social Media! Tumblr Facebook Twitter Google+ Patreon
  11. [Newbie Guide] [Plot] [AU Marvel & DC RP] [Canon List] [Rules] | No Word Count | Awesome Writers | No Activity Checks | Courage, Truth, Justice. A hero in the face of adversity is unmistakable for anything else. But when the world faces drastic and terrible changes, will heroes be enough? Can the champions of the world rise above and triumph in the face of insurmountable odds, or will they crumble under the force of their own differences? As darkness begins its march within and without, only time and Fate can truly tell. JLUnited is an AU Marvel and DC Universe Roleplay. Worlds, times, and fates have collided, and a brave new world has emerged from the ashes of the old one. Play your favorite canon from any timeline or universe within DC or Marvel, from any point in their history, or plunge into the fray with an original character of your own. We have no word count, playby requirements, or activity checks, and many open canons! We also include roleplay on both our forum and in our more relaxed Discord Server. Come join us today, and help shape this ever changing new universe-- breathe fantastic new life into it, or become a part of the bloody war against this world's corrupt. Whatever the choice, the fate of the JLUniverse is in your hands! justiceleagueunited.jcink.net [Link Back]
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    In the early 3000's, Earth broke into international war. Overpopulation, poverty, turmoil among the men, women and children of the great planet were just a handful of the factors that went into the world splitting apart, raging against itself for decades upon decades. Eventually when so many had died, the war came to an end. The purpose of the war had been forgotten. So many had been slain that it seemed as though the point to killing more seemed to be no longer worth it. During the wars, the planet had split into their own nations. Now, the leaders of those nations rose up and united as one. They devised a hierarchy for the world to follow, based on colours. People were slotted into these groups based on their skills, and whether the people agreed or not, the system worked. Those that refused the system were killed. Since then, life had changed. People adapted to their roles and generations churned on. Eventually the wars became myths and society settled into a new way of life, turning onward effortlessly as each person fulfilled their role, happily or otherwise. IT'S NOW THE YEAR 4066. WELCOME TO NOVAS, THE NEW WORLD.
  13. Vermillion

    This Is War

    The year is 2019. War has erupted between the western rebel states and the United States federal government. Fighting in Denver has made life for all dogs - strays and pets alike - almost impossible. In order to survive, many have fled along the highways until they have found themselves here, in Breckenridge. This isolated mountain town seems to be the best place to wait out the fighting, even though military transports and human scavengers regularly pass through. It is in this desperate refuge where dogs must learn to survive war, or lose their lives in the fighting.
  14. Against The Odds Against The Odds is a collaborative roleplay site. We are a group of easy-going, friendly individuals who all enjoy writing together. It is the year of the 124th Hunger Games. There is no District Thirteen. The Capitol is in complete control and the rest of Panem must obey. Index // Rules // Plot // Application // Want Ads // Link Back // Discord
  15. One of the oldest John Wayne communities online.
  16. Here is where the stories, circa 1872, about the common man and woman, the heroes, yearning to find and build their place under the sun, and their battles against the ills of society ~ the criminal, the violent braggards, and the weather ~ the eternal struggle between good and evil in the old west, take place. The “Hell on Wheels” town of Sherman, in the Laramie District of the Wyoming Territory is now, and always will be, one of the greatest Shadows of the High Plains. Here in SoHP, we portray characters in a time of heroes, adventure, hardship, and discovery…. a time of stories. Stories that take place in a time period shrouded in the lore of gunslingers, gunfighters, hanging judges, cowboys, runaway herds of cattle, snowstorms, drought, gold rushes, train-robberies, bank-bustin’ and clashin’ with Native Americans. A time and place where outlaws could use the power of the gun to be a power unto themselves. A time when the law man could be gunned down in the street and the community would accept it as merely part of the job, something to be expected. From the beginning of time, people have told stories, relegating their friends, families, and yes, even to anyone that would listen, with tales of adventure, interesting people, frightening experiences, and everyday life of destitution, normal financial means, and over-abundant wealth. Sometimes these were truths; other times, exaggerations; and occasionally nothing more than tall tales. The more interesting stories were passed around from friend-to-friend, from father-to-son, and mother-to-daughter, sometimes altering along the way or growing in strength to the point that they became legends, folklore, or questionable myths. Verbalized history, adages, anecdotes, and popular beliefs were mingled into music, dance, cultures, and sometimes even into history itself. Some stories were even written down in small novellas called Dime Novels, which often inflated the character larger than real life to the unknowing public ! In many of the stories, or shadows of the high plains, told around the campfire or a roaring hearth, can be heard the approach of galloping horses, the whispers of phantoms in ghost towns, the far-off sounds of pistols blazing, and the sighing moans of the winds drifting through the ancient trees of hunting, mining, and cowboy camps. Events grounded in historical fact became the subject of rumor, innuendo, exaggeration, lies, deception, avarice, artistic license and more. Contact Details: I can be reached by visiting ”SoHP Discord” and looking for “William#5949”, emailing me at playerfiles1@gmail.com ENTER Rules & Guidelines … Character-Driven Plot … Want Ads … A variety of Available Characters to choose from… Three choices of Applications to choose from, or use your own… as long as it provides equal information. No Word Count, Relaxed and Friendly Atmosphere, Premium, 18+ DISCORD… a versatile social room
  17. Tempest Harbor is an original supernatural fantasy RPG. We have an original setting in Massachusetts, USA, and several species to choose from, including vampires, werewolves, and witches. We have a very welcoming and open community of great roleplayers and are looking for new friends to join us!
  18. New Site! Site Staff Positions Available! Site Link: https://demigodsandmonsters.invisionzone.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/cmauK7X Demigods and Monsters is an 18+, play-by-post forum-based roleplaying site set in the world of Percy Jackson created by Rick Riordan. As a writer you can create your own halfblood camper, go on quests, participate in capture the flag, and become a hero! The current plot being planned will involve a war between the gods, and the camp being forced into involvement. It will pit friend against friend, as one deity seeks revenge against another. Can the demigods come together to convince the gods to set aside their differences? Or will Camp Halfblood find itself falling to ruin? Your characters will shape the outcome! While knowing about the world is great and will help, it’s not required. So if you’re unfamiliar with the series, but want to play a demigod, feel free to join in the fun! One of our more experienced campers will happily guide you and explain the “need to know” information. Future Site Plans: After the current plot, and once we’ve expanded our member base, we plan to start expanding by adding Camp Jupiter as well as Norse Mythology, Mayan Mythology, and Hindu Mythology, and more! Additionally we have 2 more plots planned out! We also have our next plot currently in planning. So we’ll have a lot to do for a very long time!
  19. Spirits of the Earth is an original medieval high fantasy role-playing game set in a large and diverse world, focusing primarily on the lively continent of Le'raana. Here you will find exotic city-states and thriving kingdoms, miles of untamed wilderness to explore and untold adventures to discover. It is a world where magic runs wild even while some try to tame or outlaw it, where humans brush shoulders with fae and shifters and dragons alike, and where old ways are forever at odds with new. Here gather the highborn and low, the fettered and free, the innocent and corrupt, to tell their stories... HOME // FORUM // DISCORD No word counts! Long posts, short posts, rapidfire, everything in between? Go for it! Going strong since Dec. 13th, 2000. This game will never die on you! Always active and forever friendly! IC posts made every day. Epic, growing world that you can contribute to directly. Tons of countries, cultures, and locations for you to explore! LGBTQIA* friendly! <3 Active cbox and bustling Discord Chat. Come say hi!
  20. ABOUT: By Tooth And Claw Dragons, or BTACD, is a very well established, fifteen year old role-play forum in the high original fantasy genre. Located on Jcink, we are rated 3/1/3 and love creative freedom! We have all original lore, from various in-depth worlds to almost eighty species, and offer an immersive universe with endless options for players to make and do. All of our official art is also custom, pieces either commissioned or done directly by site staff. =D Freedom within the established lore is the major thing on BTACD, and we will work with you to do almost any idea or concept within the vast confines of our lore. If there is a species or subspecies, location, or any other facet of lore you think is missing, suggest it! Member content is encouraged and added all the time, and BTACD is ever-growing. With our focus on freedom, you can make nearly anything: from a big red dragon that breathes ice, or an antisocial demon with a tendency to distort reality, to perhaps a trinket-stealing gremlin with a gift of wind spells - anything is possible. On the first of every month, we have new content releases - new species, subspecies, legends, art, large lore projects and small. Sometimes, we may do regular forum updates throughout the month, such as new subforums, new important threads, new skins, etc. Always something to look forward to! Our current plot is two-part; the humanoid Faction of Hope that seeks to drive dragons out of the Realms and take them for themselves, and the snakekind led by an enigmatic beast named Orochi, who seems to be connected to a mysterious prophecy. The to-be-King has been slain, and the Free Peoples of Vystriana struggle to fight the ever-growing threat of the Faction and its serpent allies. NEWS: Welcome to February, BTACD and friends! We have a brand new custom species and a couple of reduxes for you all this month! Please welcome the se'athkyn, our newest addition to the playable races! The se'athkyn are a native people to Xaeri, and are divided into five distinct tribes that follow a hunter-gatherer way of life. Each tribe has a totem animal, and not only have distinct ways of life, but appearances as well! The most unique thing about the se'athkyn, however, is that they have the ability to manipulate their own bones at will. They can make anything from protruding spike-weapons from an arm, plated boots, shields, trinkets and more - though the process can be quite painful! Alongside the se'athkyn come a subspecies called the myskari; these warrior women branched off from the main tribes centuries ago, and have founded a unique way of life. Their tribe is a matriarchal society that often mixes metal with bonecrafting to create stronger than usual weapons and armor. Don't mess with these ladies! To go along with the release of the se'athkyn, our xeriin species has been updated! We have fleshed out and refined the Kin types: each Kin's appearance details, their culture, and their abilities have all been heavily fleshed out and polished. Last but not least, our elementals have had a complete overhaul! Now, each type is fleshed out in full, and the differences between the variants' various communities is described in detail.
  21. Essence of Horhsal is a self-hosted (using the IPS software) and original roleplay without wordcount in a world called Horhsal. Most things in it are custom made, including the races, continents, countries, and a lot of other things. There are some high-tech technologies such as devices similar to PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and television but the people of this world do not use electricity to power them and do not have all of the technologies that we have, like airplanes, space travel, cars (but they have other vehicles), and anything electronic (with the exception of similar devices that run on Essence Energy). There are also a lot of "old" things like armor, fortresses, various melee weapons, old-fashioned firearms, absolute monarchies, a lot of jobs that still handcraft things, and also a few highly traditional countries that do not use high-tech devices. You could imagine Horhsal to be similar to later Final Fantasy games which mix up new and old while still being its own unique world.
  22. Tenderness of the Heart is a Historical AU forum based on the Regency Era. We focus our gameplay on the Social Season in London and from November-January we play out the Off-Season where characters return to their homes in the country. We have plenty of events throughout the year and we have a wide range of member groups from different social classes! Will your character rise through the ranks or will they fall? Every action you make will have the power to make or break you amongst the Ton. Whatever happens, just remember that someone is always watching and gossip spreads quickly throughout the ranks of London's elite.
  23. Site is inactive because some people do not have better work then the insult other people in private msg and some rpg site forums like rpg initiative I am listening all offensive words there that include my name and one of admin not act nice at all so keep on mind I'm not little kid or b****** to accept those things so if you have problems with me or my forum avoid me and do not come there like troll or guest just to harm me .I am sick of it and those kind of people!
  24. kit the human

    RPG Initiative

    I've been an active member on this site for going on 2 years. The Initiative's robust range of resources has proven invaluable for me as both a roleplayer and as a site administrator. Furthermore, it is a site where a diverse range of opinions are encouraged and people are able to disagree and challenge each other in a civil and helpful manner.
  25. StormChild18

    RPG Initiative

    I love this site! It is easy to navigate, beautifully designed, and fun to be a part of. Overall a wonderful site to be a part of.
  26. Morrigan

    RPG Initiative

    RPG Initiative is a community for all roleplayers. We focus on all text based roleplaying forms that are hosted on the internet. We encourage roleplayers to find each other, discuss roleplay and grow as collaborative writers here at the Initiative in a safe environment. Join the Initiative!
  27. Foro.online


    Forum of general thematic of Spanish language.
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